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Owners Phil and Maureen Rosette began collecting books in the 1980s.  We opened a physical bookshop in Troy, Michigan, in September, 2005 and closed it 6 years later when it couldn't support the rent. We now operate a virtual bookstore and sell through, and


Phil Rosette

phil rosette birchwood books antiquarian and collectable book store Suspense Author Phil Rosette started Birchwood Books with his wife Maureen in 1995 just as eBay was taking off... only, they didn't realize thats what they had done until 2004 when it finally got a name.  Phil is Author of The Freya Project, an international suspense novel published in 2004 by Countinghouse Press and also available in eBook, and Seoul Legacy, The Orphan’s Flu.which is available in eBook.

Phil is also Vice President of Rosette Marketing Services, the parent company of Birchwood Books.


Maureen Rosette

maureen rosette birchwood books antiquarian and collectable book storeCo-founder of RMS, Maureen Rosette is a registered nurse and avid reader.   “Mo” is fascinated with antiquarian books with a special interest in 1800’s children's books. 


 We are always looking to buy collectible books.



Birchwood Books is a Rosette Marketing Services company. Other rosette marketing services companies:

    Group41 Online Marketing

      Since 2000, providing site and search engine optimization and online marketing programs for dozens of businesses in the Detroit market area and Greater Internet community.


      Since 1996, providing business web site hosting. An RMS company since 2005.



      Two novels by Phil Rosette

      The Freya Project, Countinghouse Press 2004, Available in hard cover, paperback & Kindle
      Suspense Thriller based on worldwide internet teleconferencing industry. “Because there is no where to hide in Cyberspace.”

      Seoul Legacy, The Orphan’s Flu, available through on Kindle.  Suspense Thriller about a world pandemic ignited by a fractured Qaeda group who make it look like the work of North Korea.


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